reasons i cannot support this version of islam

September 6, 2010

this particular Iranian woman Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani was sentenced to death by stoning for allegedly committing adultery and as i added earlier  i noted  she  received an additional 99 lashes for having her picture taken w/o her hejab. Yes, those HR champs in Tehran are at it again.

There have been some protests worldwide particular in London ,england and in  ottawa, canada  but for the most part the media and the usual big mouths in united nations have been silent. No, they only protest and bring attention to things if it somehow damages a political figure or somehow  hurts the image of the United States or Great Britain. but yet i see my goverment here in the west  scream and shout over a water boarding of a murderous arab pile of garbage, but never one  peep over what can only be described as cruel and unusual punishment. Stoning someone? Are you serious?i am sorry i cannot support islam on the current path it is showing in iran and on the national scene.

i believe Iran is on a collision course w / reality. if other countries dont take care of it then I would guess their own people will pull the plug on iranian goverement. im sorry but You cannot treat human beings like this. I don’t know if this  is guilty Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani of anything, but I do know that stoning and lashing is simply wrong. For all the people who think usa  is so bad, I hope they look at Iran. To treat women and those who are not in the ruling class so cruelly is nothing short of sick.


Be part of the Green gathering or Green Traffic in Iran on 16 Azar (December 7)

December 3, 2009


TEHRAN LOCATIONS/TIMES: (for other cities scroll down)

– IMPORTANT: Help the Green movement by making Green Traffic in the streets around Tehran University (starting 4 pm)
MAIN LOCATION: Enghelab Sq- Azadi Sq
OTHER LOCATIONS: Resalat, Keshavarz Blv, ValiAsr (all the main streets)

Students will protest inside their Uni first at 3 pm.
Then people will use the paths below to join the students outside at 4 pm:

1) میدان آزادی-میدان انقلاب-دانشگاه تهران Azadi Sq – Enghelab Sq (Tehran Uni) (5pm)

2) خیابان ستارخان-خیابان نصرت-دانشگاه تهران Satarkhan St – Nosrat St – Tehran Uni (5pm)

3) میدان هفت تیر-خیابان کریم خان-میدان ولیعصر-بلوار کشاورز -خیابان کارگر-دانشگاه تهران HafteTir Sq-Karimkhan-Valiasr Sq- Keshavarz Blv-Karegar St- Tehran Uni (5pm)

4) مجتمع کوی دانشگاه تهران-خیابان کارگر شمالی-دانشگاه تهران Tehran Uni dorms-Karegar Shomali St-Tehran Uni (5pm)

5) دانشگاه امیرکبیر-چهارراه ولیعصر-دانشگاه تهران Amir Kabir Uni- Valiasr IS- Tehran Uni (5pm)

6) میدان فردوسی-خیابان انقلاب-دانشگاه تهران. Ferdowsi Sq – Enghelab Sq – Tehran Uni (5pm)


2 Routes: 1) Chaharrahe Khayam >> Azadi Sq. 2) Esteghlal Sq >> Azadi Sq. Protest outside Ferdowsi Univ 5:00pm

3 Routes: 5:00pm Nazar St > Univ: 1) Chaharbargh Bala-Univ 2) Tohid St-Univ 3)Sheykh Sodogh Shomali-Univ

2 Routes: 5:00pm 1) Gaz sq-Azadi blv-Baghe Eram Blvd >> Eram Sq 2) Emam Hossein Sq-Karimkhan -Namazi Sq >>Eram Sq

– ه۱۶آذر تجمع دانشجویان دانشگاه گیلانه ساعت 10 مقابل ساختمان مرکزی دانشگاه  Protest for Gilan Univ students outside the Central building of Gilan Univ at 10:00am
– تاجمعه مردم ودانشجوه ها در۱۶ آذر ساعت 16 مقابل دانشکده علوم پزشکی واقع در منظریه Protest for all students and people of Rasht outside Gilan Uni of Medical Science(Monzariye) at 4:00pm

December 1, 2009

persian2english Young Girl Sentenced to Death for Self-Defense Killing

December 1, 2009

Herana News Agency, Women’s Rights:  Police discovered text messages exchanged between Reyhaneh and the surgeon. Consequently Reyhaneh was arrested.  She accepted the allegation right from the beginning, but she claimed it as self-defense.

She stated, “I met Morteza and his friend Sheykhi a few days earlier. While I was talking on my phone and waiting in an ice cream shop, they learned that I am a designer. Just before I left the shop, they came forward and gave me their phone number, saying that they are in need of a designer for their office. Once I started walking away, Morteza and his friend approached me in a Toyota Camry. I didn’t doubt anything since Morteza was a middle-aged man, so I got into the car. He insisted that I should enter his phone number into my cell phone.”

She continued: “A few days later, Morteza’s friend called me and scheduled a time so that I can have a look at the office. I met Morteza on the street [that day] but we had a stop at the pharmacy where we bought some stuff.  We arrived at a grimy apartment that seemed to be abandoned for a long time. I left the door half open. He unfolded his Sajadeh to pray and asked me to close the door and take off my headscarf. I refused to do so but as soon as I walked away, he closed the door himself. He wanted to get close to me but I resisted. He put his hands around my waist, but I ran away. He was frustrated and told me that I can’t ignore his desire. As soon as he turned his head away, I pulled my knife out of my bag, stabbed him in his back, and he fell to the floor. All of a sudden the door opened and Sheykhi, Morteza’a friend entered the apartment. He asked me, ‘What have you done?’ and hurried to the kitchen. He grabbed a piece of paper from the kitchen and ran off.”

Reyhaneh explains that Morteza told her that young girls like her should not be walking around with no defense and that she should be carrying something for herself. So she had bought the knife a few days earlier from Tajrish Bazaar.

Police investigation shows that one of the two glasses of fruit juice that were found at the crime scene were drank by Morteza and the other belonged to Reyhaneh. The tests reveals that Reyhaneh’s glass contained sleeping drugs. This is when (dadsetane ostan) stated that there is enough evidences against Reyhaneh and that she is indicted for first-degree murder, not taking her claim of self-defense into account. An allegation for first-degree murder was issued for 19-year-old Reyhaneh.